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The Kaye Ballard™ Estate has made available the following items for purchase. ALL ITEMS ARE FROM KAYE’S PERSONAL INVENTORY that remained in her home in Rancho Mirage at the time of her passing, so quantities may be limited. Proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the Kaye Ballard™ Trust.

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My Life, In My Own Words,
With My Own MOUTH!

4 CD set

Based on her memoir, How I Lost 10 Pounds in 53 Years with Jim Hesselman, Kaye recounts stories from burlesque to vaudeville to big bands and nightclubs, from movies to television to Broadway. Gossipy and upbeat, Kaye shares anecdotes about hanging out at the Actor’s Studio with Marlon Brando...playing Greenwich Village cabarets in the 1950s...performing with Lenny Bruce at the Hungry i...doing live television in the 1950s and The Mothers-in-Law in the 1960s. Meet Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Bette Davis, Barbra Streisand, Doris Day, Judy Garland, Rogers and Hammerstein, Paul Lynde, Jimmy Durante, Bert Lahr, and practically everyone else in showbiz in the last sixty years, through the eyes and distinctive voice of the inimitable Kaye Ballard. Also included are snippets of songs and routines from long out of print recordings.

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$24.95 + shipping, handling, and applicable tax

Kaye Ballard Sings Fanny Brice


The original “Funny Girl,” the legendary Fanny Brice was a theatrical “split-personality” par excellence. She could bring tears to your eyes with hilarious comedy or through sad songs of unrequited love with equal ease. The star of burlesque, the Ziegfeld Follies, vaudeville, musical revues, radio, and film is remembered in this loving tribute album by Kaye Ballard — recorded long before the musical, “Funny Girl” made Barbra Streisand a household name. Kaye’s homage to a great artist is in the form of invocation, not imitation. It is, frankly, unabashedly nostalgic in presentation — a posthumous Valentine to a lady who could convulse you with a dialect sketch, make “baby talk” palatable and strikingly funny, or tear to tatters a torch song.

Tracks on this CD — remastered from the original 1958 LP, “The Fanny Brice Story in Song” — include an Overture, “I’m an Indian,” “Rose of Washington Square,” “Becky is Back at the Ballet,” “When You Know You’re not Forgotten,” “Oh How I Hate that Fellow Nathan,” “My Man,” “The Shiek of Avenue B,” “Song of the Sewing Machine,” “Second Hand Rose,” “Ain’t That the Way,” and “Lovie Joe.”

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Kaye Ballard: “Hey, Ma!”


Kaye Ballard was no stranger to the Broadway stage. Her Broadway debut was in The Golden Apple. She also starred in Carnival, Cole Porter Revisited, and Pirates of Penzance.

Kaye Ballard in Hey, Ma! was a triumph of all of Kaye’s talents. Nominated for two Drama Desk Awards for Exellence in New York Theatre — including for Outstanding Solo Performance — this one-woman show was performed in New York and across the nation. The show is a collection of song, humor, and impersonations.

This album is a selection of the musical numbers in the show. The music, like Kaye Ballard, is a high energy experience. Her Fanny Brice impersonation is the song “Cooking Breakfast” is brilliant. The album is an experience you won’t forget.


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Kaye Ballard Sings Her Favorite Songs


This compilation CD features 15 remastered Kaye Ballard tracks:

  1. Sing My Heart
  2. Mad About The Boy
  3. I Wanna Be Yours (duet with Arthur Siegel)
  4. The Very Thought Of You
  5. Here And Now
  6. If You Leave Paris
  7. We'll Gather Lilacs
  8. Nobody's Heart
  9. I Loved Him - He Didn't Love Me
  10. I'll Remember Him
  11. Maybe This Time
  12. Dialogue
  13. Nana
  14. Magic Time
  15. You Don't Need It

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$10.99 + shipping, handling, and applicable tax

Jaye + Kaye: Long Time Friends


Kaye Ballard collaborates with her friend, the sassy, dusky-voiced Jaye P. Morgan.

Jaye P. began as a big band vocalist and had a #1 hit with “Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries” in 1951. Following a string of hits, the song stylist took to TV with appearances on Stop the Music, the Perry Como Show, the Ed Sullivan Show, and even landing her own variety show, The Jaye P. Morgan Show.

In the 1960s, Jaye P. took a break from show biz, but came back swinging in the 1970s having reinvented herself for a whole new generation. This new Jaye P. was hipper, fresher, saucier, sexier, funnier, and definitely crazier; among other things she became a perennial game show panelist, most notably on The Gong Show.

Tracks on this 1995 release include “It Don’t Mean a Thing/Stompin’ at the Savoy,” “Basin Street Blues,” “A Fine Romance,” “If You Leave Paris,” “Hero Song,” “A Nightingale Sang (In Berkley Square),” “You’e All the World to Me,” “Let Me Love You,” “Dr. Lookgood,” “We’ll Gather Lilacs,” “Change Partners” (with additional vocals by Mark Sendroff & Mike Costly), and “My Buddy.”

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$10.99 + shipping, handling, and applicable tax

FOLLIES: The Complete Recording

2 CD Set

FOLLIES is fabulous. This lavish double CD does more than document New Jersey's Paper Mill Playhouse's brilliant 1998 production of Stephen Sondheim's now-legendary but little seen 1971 musical; it also collects every lost song ever associated with the show on eight bonus tracks.

A large and accomplished cast headed by Ann Miller, Laurence Guittard, Donna McKechnie, Tony Roberts, Dee Hoty, Eddie Bracken, Kaye Ballard, and Liliane Montevecchi bring fascinating new interpretations to this misty deconstruction of show business and its effects on those who toil in it. The dazzling score is among Sondheim's finest and features A-list material like “Beautiful Girls,” “Broadway Baby,” “Who’s That Woman?,” “Could I Leave You?,” “Losing My Mind” (one of Sondheim’s most celebrated songs), and “I’m Still Here.”

Includes 36-page booklet illustrated by the legendary Hilary Knight.


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Items for sale on this site were in Kaye’s home at the time of her passing. They were collected from her home and shipped to an executor of her estate who resides in Indiana. As shipments arrive in Indiana from Kaye’s home in Rancho Mirage, it is determined which items are able to be sold and those items are listed for sale here on this online store. A few of the same items are also sold on eBay.

Since items arrive in smaller, periodic shipments, we do not know the totality of what items are available. It’s entirely possible, for example, that we may discover in a subsequent shipment autographed versions of items that are already being sold. Some items may go off sale only to return when more inventory of that item is discovered.

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